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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Western Landscape Commission RED ROCK CANYON NEVADA oil painting Artist Marcia Baldwin

A Commissioned Oil Painting
60" X 36"
This painting was commissioned by a dear collector
of my works of art.
Here is what she stated upon seeing an image of the finished painting.
Thank you so much. It is always a pleasure to paint for you.

"Oh my lord Marcia!!! It's just beautiful.  I can only imagine how much more beautiful it is looking right at it.  You again out did yourself.  I am so pleased.  It is just majestic.  
We will always have our Red Rock view thanks to you.

It's incredible.  
I can't even come up with adequate words to describe just how exceptional your talent is.  
Heaven is always what comes to mind!!!
Indescribable beauty, talent and vision.   Heaven Marcia Heaven!

Thank you so much Marcia!!

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