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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Contemporary Horse Sketch By Colorado Equine Artist Jennifer Morrison Godshalk

A Charcoal Horse Sketch On Canvas 
By Jennifer Morrison Godshalk

It's back to the basics, and sketching away.  I enjoy capturing the details of sketches that usually are covered up by oil paints.  Here is the first stage, or the "Raw" format with which I start.  I want to show the underlying elements to my artwork.  I love this sketch and I am not sure whether to add any color or perhaps leave it as is?  Hmmm..  Taking votes now on my Facebook page!  Click on the link to participate.


The Valiant name came easily to me, as this horse appeared to be a warrior.  Noble eyes, strong neck and jawline, yet a gentle horse in nature.  He is Valiant!

Prints are available and so is the original.


Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
©Morrison Studios
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist

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