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Monday, October 28, 2013

Strength Of The Bison, A Contemporary Colorful Buffalo Painting By Colorado Fine Artist Jennifer Morrison Godshalk

Strength Of The Bison
A Contemporary, Colorful Buffalo Painting
This painting is 40x40 inches and 1.5 inches deep on a gallery wrapped canvas.  This is a commissioned painting I painted for a lady in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Her husband contacted me some time ago inquiring about a bison painting for his wife for Christmas.  He ended up abandoning the surprise and telling her about it so she could decide what colors she wanted.  She told me light and dark turquoise, rich reds, and different brown hues.  Well, here is the finished product and this is by far my favorite painting!
I will deliver this painting in person, as a road trip to Grand Junction is a little less than shipment costs on this large painting.  ROAD TRIP - Yeah!!!

I am offering both prints of the full painting, and because of the intricate details and colors to this buffalo face, I am also providing facial prints as well!

Feel free to contact me for your commissioned work!

Jennifer Morrison Godshalk
A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist
© Morrison Studios

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