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Friday, January 13, 2012

‘Double trouble’ Hereford Calves and a Cowboy in Watercolor by Debbie Flood


Double trouble Medium Web view

I finished Double trouble today. 16 x 20 inches on 300 lb Arches Watercolor paper. $1,400.00

I found a good solution to all that sage brush in the background. I created shadow from the mountain onto the top of the brush back there, which sent it further back there and hazed from the morning mist and cool air. To better push this feeling home, I created breath coming from the animals and cowboy, to show the coolness of the morning.

I got up early that morning, to go photographing in Taos, NM. The air was cool and crisp. I loved it! But by the time I was photographing thee cute Herefords, it was very hot, and the sun was baking down. I love remembering what that cool morning was like, so I recreated that time of day.


~Debbie Flood

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