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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abstract Horse Painting Contemporary Equine Art By Colorado Artist Jennifer Morrison, Three Paint Ponies

Three Paint Ponies
Abstract Horse Painting
4ft By 4 Ft
SOLD Commissioned Painting

Okay, I couldn't leave this painting alone.  Even though it was greatly loved by the owner, I knew it could be even better.  I added more lighting, more softness around the faces and manes.  NOW it is done.  I literally cannot sleep if it is not perfect, as perfection is what I strive for in my work.  I couldn't be more thrilled!  It is a wonderful painting.  Truly unique, colorful and artistic in nature! 

Jenna And Maggie - Showmanship

Yesterday was a our first horse show of the year - yes of the year!  And we are starting in December for the 2011 season. 

Jessica And Lizzy

 My 9 year old's first show.  She was scared to death and crying when she was lined up ready for her first class - and surprised herself when she took home first place blue ribbons in all four of her classes.  When she was crying in line she said, "I can't remember my pattern".  I told her, "Don't worry about it, honey.  Just have fun and do your best."  She was the high point winner.  Showing horses is so good for kids.  It helps boost their confidence and self esteem. We have worked hard training her horse and she has worked hard practicing and it showed.  She was truly professional, her horse was behaving perfectly!  Jenna won first place in showmanship, but her horse did not take the right lead in pleasure.  Jenna then switched horses with her sister for her last class in Senior Novice Horsemanship.  She then won her next blue ribbon!  She now knows what to work on with her horse the rest of the year for fair.  I am so proud of my girls as they have worked VERY hard.  We have no trainer, only help from me and the owners of the facility we are at, which the daughter there is awesome at training and gives us tips all the time.
Thanks To Hanlon Hill Paint Horses For Your Help And Support!
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